The Wars to Come

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Game of ThronesIt’s been a long wait but Season 5 of A Game of Thrones is finally upon us. Unfortunately, all is not rosy with the podcast crew this time. Steve found the episode to be just, meh. Erica and J on the otherhand were excited about the premier. Nevertheless, this episode shows us that Cersi knows what Jamie has been up to which leads to a tense conversation over their dead father.

Jon Snow hopes to save Mance Rayder’s life by convincing him to take a deal offered by Stannis that will add the wildings to his army to help fight in the wars to come. Mance is a stubborn SOB though. One question to be asked after this scene is why does Melisandre care whether Jon is a virgin, awkward.

In the east Dany struggles with assassins killing her troops and her dragons becoming unruly. she’ll have to figure both of those out to maintain her power in Meeren. Tyrion and Varys arrive in the east as well with plans to make a beeline to Dany’s side.

We also get mini scenes from Lord Baelish and Sansa in the Eyrie and Brienne and Pod out in the countryside. Check out the podcast for more juicy opinions about the episode The Wars to Come.

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