The Mountain and the Viper

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Game of ThronesWow, Sansa has stepped her game up in this episode! It’s still strange and uncomfortable to watch a guy in his mid forties, at least, being turned on by a 14 year old. But, hey this is Westeros we are talking about here. It remains to be seen if Sansa can gain some form of advantage on Littlefinger since she has put two and two together.

Danerys kicks Jorah to the curb for spying on her in the early part of their working together. The story makes it clear that Jorah was in love with Dany and now he is on the outs. Oh well dude, shouldn’t have been spying on the Mother of Dragons. You mess with a drake you get the fire.

The best was saved for last this episode as the Mountain and the Viper got it on! Forget all the battles that have taken place in A Game of Thrones, this fight between Oberyn Martell and Gregor Clegane is epic and entertaining. We could watch it all over again…and again. The story made out Oberyn to be a brilliant fighter and the show more than adequately portrayed this info with amazing clarity. Bravo HBO! Listen to the podcast to hear more about The Mountain and the Viper.

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