The Laws of Gods and Men

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Game of ThronesThis episode of A Game of Thrones sees Stannis get funding from the Iron Bank after Davos shows the Braavosi bankers that stannis cuts of fingers. This probably spells trouble for the Lannisters down the road.

Yara heroically tries to save her brother but Theon is basically no more than a dog trained to do Ramsey’s bidding. In the bath scene, we were afraid Ramsey was going to inflict more surprise cruelty on Theon! That’s how crazy we think that bastard is!

The best part of this episode, in our opinion, was the trial of Tyrion Lannister. What would be cool is if Tyrion ultimate prevails, eventually becomes Lord of Casterly Rock, then has songs made about his exploits in the Seven Kingdoms. He just might be the best character in A Game of Thrones.

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