The House of Black and White

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Game of ThronesArya arrives at and is eventually accepted into the House of Black and White but not before having to sit out in the cold and rain for some time, and forage her on food on the streets of Braavos. We are very excited to see what adventures await Arya in the East.

At the Wall Stannis offers to make Jon snow a Stark and Lord of Winterfell if he forsakes his Watch vows and pledges his allegiance. Jon snow refuses and is subsequently made Lord Commander of the Nights Watch! Congrats Jon but you still will have lots of problems to deal with, Alisair Thorne and the wildlings being the biggest.

Dany seems to be becoming a floundering ruler in Mereen, primarily after a riot broke out after she executed a former slave for murdering a captive Sons of the Harpy agent. maybe if Drogon returns to her she can reassert her power.

This episode introduced us to the kingdom of Dorne and the Martell family and gave us a short convo scenes between Tyrion and varys and between Cersi and Jamie. Check out the podcast for mor info about this latest Game of Thrones episode The House of Black and White.

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