The Gift

Season 6 Casting

Game of ThronesThis episode was a tale of two emotions. a very satisfying plot development and a very unsatisfying unsatisfying one happened. The unsatisfying line; Sansa appears to be quite powerless. This is kind of crappy considering she spent the last season becoming emotionally strong. She does display some of that in this episode in her short convo with Ramsey but for the most part she’s a damsel in distress again. By the way, Theon is the biggest chump here for not even hesitating to go to Ramsey with the device of Sansa’s hopeful escape. It may still turn out that Sansa get to have a chance to effect some part of her on escape but the prognosis looks dim.

At the Wall Jon prepares to go get more wildlings with Toramund but will he be able to resume command when he gets back. Something tells me that Jon is going to have a huge problem when he gets back to Castle Black and Olly might be instrumental in said problem.

Theon betrays Sansa in winterfell. Sansa must really feel alone at this point. Fortunately, Brienne is still trying to fulfill her vow to Catelyn Stark. Also, It appears Peter Baelish is still in Sansa’s corner. Dany comes face to face with Jorah who desperately presents Tyrion as the gift he hopes will put him in her good graces. Jamie tries unsuccessfully to persuade Myrcella to return to Kings Landing.

Finally, the satisfying scene of this episode, Cersi finally comes crashing down to earth as her horrible inept machinations come apart. After smugly gloating to Margaery she end up in a black cell herslef. Ahh justice. Come hear us discuss all this in more detail as we dive into season 5 episode 7 The Gift.

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