The Children

Season 4 Yearbook

Game of ThronesIt’s the season 4 finale of a Game of Thrones! What was the best part scene this episode? Tyrion’s killing spree in the Tower of the Hand. what was the worst scene this episode? Dany and the dragons. Boring!! We’ll probably get flamed by Danerys fans now.

Although we enjoyed this episode we can’t help but notice that the Tyrion scene lacked some emotional punch (book readers know what we are talking about). The fight between Brienne and Sandor so totally not book, but so totally awesome! Also, everyone should be wondering how a twelve year old girl is going to make it on her own in the violent Game of Thrones world.

Jon gets saved by Stannis, Bran gets saved by the Children and Tyrion get saved by Jamie. the former of whom makes sure Tywin has a quarrel on the privy. What a great Fathers Day gift for old Tywin. Check out the podcast for more!!!

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