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Beyond the Wall

The tension between Sansa and Arya is getting dangerous. Hopefully one of them figures out that Littlefinger is manipulating them and convinces the other before something rash is done.
It also doesn’t seem like Jon will be back anytime soon to mediate. Maybe Bran will be able to diffuse the situation.

Book of the Stranger

Emilia Clark Interview Villian Problems GoT Clue Jon and Sansa reuniting was a great thing that the show did after season upon season of tragedy for the Stark family. Unfortunately the pleasantries didn’t last long because Sansa will not stand still and let Ramsey Bolton occupy Winterfel. Hopefully Jon and Sansa can rally some other…


Interview of a Dead Character SNL GoT Parody The Bran Theory If there was any episode that captured the narrative feel of the books it was this episode. what is that feeling? The feeling of unconnected story lines. With the ‘War of the Five Kings’ essentially over, there seems to be no unifying link to…