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Gendry is back and ready to kick some ass! Its funny that Gendry mentions how Jon and him can strike up a similar partnership that Robert and Ned had except Ned is not Jon’s father. In fact Jon is the son of the man that Robert started a war over.
In any event, its good to see that Gendy eventually stopped rowing.

The Winds of Winter

Finn Jones Interview Leadership Rank GoT Xbox1 Cersei is at her murderous best in the season finale. Unfortunately, the prophecy she received from the witch as a young girl is fast coming true. All of her kids are dead and a younger woman (Dany) will soon be taking her place on the Iron Throne. If…

High Sparrow

A disturbing sex scene Do you binge watch So Margery gets to turn the tables on Cersi for a change. She spent most of her time in Kings Landing walking on eggshells around the Queen Regent and her son Joffery. Although Cersi seemed to acquiesce to the new order of things we expect that she’s…