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Game of ThronesTwo pivotal reveals and some brotherly love permeate Oathkeeper, the fouth episode  of A Game of Thrones fouth season. So now we know that Peter Baelish and Olenna Tyrell were behind Joffery’s assassination. It would be interesting to find out excatly how they did it. One thing we noticed (although we don’t explore it in this show) was that both the late Sir Dontos necklace and Margery’s necklace seem linked to the poison that did in the evil boy king.

Jamie and Tyrion share a moment of brotherly affection. To bad that Tyrion has to end up in the black cells to have his brother visit him. Also Jon Snow learns that Bran may be at Crasters Keep since he’s headed there maybe he will reunite with one of his remaining two half-brothers.

Danery’s in opposition to Selmy’s advice answers injustice with justice and nails the masters to poles, and those creepy White Walkers north of the Wall are up to some strange business. Check out our show to hear our take on Oathkeeper, which is, by the way, a great name for a sword.

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