I’m With Obama

Better late than never. This episode and post are victims of lack of time and technical errors. Nonetheless, here it is for your reading and listening pleasure.

Although HBOs Game of Thrones is over and the sixth book in the series “A Song of Ice and Fire is a ways away, the GOT news and commentary is never at an end. This time we comment on the fact that Brienne of Tarth is related to a legendary figure from Westeros’ recent past. We are hoping that Martin explores this link in the afore mentioned book…whenever it comes out.

Although notoriously gaffe prone, Joe Biden was once a relatively shrewd and competent politician. Those days are behind him now. Unfortunately, the establishment’s desperate want to derail Bernie Sanders has resulted in a eventual nominee that will get rhetorically smashed by the orange man in the White House. Biden must know this because he never fails to name drop Barack Obama at any opportunity.

Well, in an effort to give back to humanity PornHub is giving away free premium memberships to quarantined folks in a couple of European countries. Anything to battle the boredom!

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