Free Fauci

Somehow we have to free Fauci from having to tip toe around Trump’s ego. Despite downplaying the threat of the coronavirus early on, Dr. Fauci has been the lone voice of reason and reliable information coming form the Trump administration. It is sad and dangerous that supporters of Trump are now trying to get Fauci axed! Here’s to hoping that we all don’t get sent to hell in a handbasket on May 1st. Talk about May Day indeed!

Readers of the George R. R. Martin series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ know how much George loves world building in his fiction. Unfortunately, a lot of that was missing from the HBO series ‘A Game of Thrones’ due to the time constraints of television. One of the least explored locales in the show but with a potentially rich backstory and political intrigue is the continent of Essos. Lets dig into one particular city here, Meereen.

Get ready to be put back into the upswing on coronavirus cases if Donal Trump has his way. Dr. Tony Fauci has done some work in trying to stop that from happening. Part of that work involves stating in interviews that the federal government could have taken earlier actions to reduce the impact the virus is currently having on the nation. Trumpians aren’t having it. They want Fauci gone!

Burning Man is the latest event to get cancelled. But organizers are putting a plan in motion to take the festival virtual. Will it work? What is Burning Man anyway? We attempt to answer these questions.

Florida Man delivers again! Need we say more

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