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This week we get re-aquainted with what’s left of the Arryn family. Lysa and Robin are quite the crazy pair and sansa doesn’t seem to have arrived into a better situation than before. Also, WTF! The whole mess in the Seven Kingdoms is due to Littlefinger’s schemes and treachery, REALLY? I think we just heard Catelyn turning in her riverbed grave.

Are Cersi and Margery going to be BFF’s now? Probably not but at least Cersi admitted to Marg that Joff would not have been good to her at all to say the least.

Arya has got to be going bonkers because she outright threatens Sandor. Does she not know hat he could crush her without even batting an eye? We think that ultimately Arya Stark will end up being one of the most dangerous characters in A Game of Thrones down the line.

Jon and Bran came close to meeting again since everything went to shit but Jojen finds the strength keeps that from happening. On the subject of Jon, after seeing him become a stronger character last week, this week he needs to be saved by a battered woman. We want our badass Jon Snow from the books to make a permanent appearance in the show.

There’s much more Seven Kingdoms craziness to talk about so check out this weeks show as we discuss the episode First of His Name and feel free to leave a comment.

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