Duck Season!

We are approaching the end of April and shelter in place in many parts of the globe are still in effect. As a result, some folks are protesting being cooped up in their homes and want shelter in place rules lifted. Not the smartest thing to be protesting about. Maybe protest for the lack of a robust UBI to tide people over until the virus is under control. That would be smarter. Other effects of quarantine; rethinking college sports and Florida Man in his own personal duck season. What? Yes!

Yes George R. R. Martin is still writing the sixth book in his extremely slowly written fantasy series but he may have other irons in the fire as well. In a recent interview Marin has dropped a hint that Game of Thrones might make it to the silver screen! What’s amazing here is that Martin is not turning down interviews in order to finish writing. Listen George, We-Want-Book-Six! Please! Sometime in early 2021 would be nice.

Game of Thrones movie!
Photo by Pietro Jeng from Pexels

Nothing puts politics in the backseat apparently. President Trump it seems is trying to find the right argument to get folks to risk their health to get the economy tolling again. We’ve said it here before that any type of normal resumption of economic activity will cause a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases. Trump’s advisers seem to realize the political damage this would cause.

In the past the question of whether college and spectator sport should be linked has been raised in some corners of America. With the current coronavirus lockdown colleges are losing hundreds of millions of dollars on their sports programs. Some are outright cutting programs. Once again lets take a look at separating spectator sports from colleges. Let’s finally put in motion the process that stops schools from exploiting young athletes and helps curb the rise of college tuition.

Florida Man delivers again! Need we say more

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