So we’ve all been shut in for a few weeks but stuff keeps happening due to the pandemic and in spite of it. Technical snafus halted our production the last two weeks, but we are back on track somewhat.

We start off discussing either a plot hole or some weak writing on display regarding Game of Thrones season 7 episode, “The Spoils of War.” Apparently, it looks like Dany show have been richly rewarded when she ambushed the House Tyrell caravan on it’s way to Kings Landing. But she wasn’t. Why not?

What we want to know is when will America wake up to the fact that much of the Political class does not care for the working class except as fuel for the capital growth of their donors. The latest travesty sees Republican legislators and court justices stop a governor from postponing an election to keep his constituents safe. We think the left/right divide in the US is becoming irrelevant on real issues

Film production companies and movie theater chains are engaging in quite astonishing wishful thinking. A question to answer; how many people are going to go to a movie theater and sit around a bunch of strangers for two hours with no access to a vaccine for that ‘Rona? Not many we think. Good luck Disney and Co. trying to maintain the theatrical movie business.

Florida Man delivers again! Need we say more

Our featured independent artist this week