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Bomb Threat!

The worldwide shut down marches on. We march on with the next installment of AFOT Podcast! It is hard to find articles compelling articles not related to the coronavirus, but we do have a cool little Game of Thrones trivia site for you. That’s something. Right?

Duck Season!

We are approaching the end of April and shelter in place in many parts of the globe are still in effect. As a result, some folks are protesting being cooped up in their homes and want shelter in place rules lifted. Not the smartest thing to be protesting about. Maybe protest for the lack of a robust UBI to tide people over until the virus is under control. That would be smarter. Other effects of quarantine; rethinking college sports and Florida Man in his own personal duck season. What? Yes!

Free Fauci

Somehow we have to free Fauci from having to tip toe around Trump’s ego. Despite downplaying the threat of the coronavirus early on, Dr. Fauci has been the lone voice of reason and reliable information coming form the Trump administration.