Breaker of Chains

Game of ThronesSo now we get a creepy Lord Baelish, Jamie rapes his sister and the wildlings massacre a village of innocent westerosi northerners.

We cannot overstate that A Game of Thrones has gone to another level of brutality with this episode. On top of that we see an awkward Sam deal with the super subtle hints from Gilly about how she feels about him. The funny thing here is that his his solution for keeping her safe from being raped is to set her up in a brothel. Go figure.

All in all this episode felt like a set up for more jaw dropping plot points in the very near future, like will Danerys and Darrio hook up? What hair-brained scheme did Davos just come up with? Who actually engineered Joffery’s assassination, and what does Littlefinger mean when he tells Sansa she will be safe going home. Listen to our latest episode of our fan podcast to hear our thoughts about A Game of Thrones season fourĀ episode Breaker of Chains.

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