Bomb Threat!

The worldwide shut down marches on. We march on with the next installment of AFOT Podcast! It is hard to find articles compelling articles not related to the coronavirus, but we do have a cool little Game of Thrones trivia site for you. That’s something. Right?

Lots of memorable lines were spoken by the characters in Game of Thrones. Some of the most prutal were spoken by the Lannister twins Jamie and Cersi. Try and take this dialogue challenge before you listen to the podcast. Unless, of course, you listen on a platform other than this website.


Coronavirus news is made all over the world. Also, the US isn’t the only place where dumb politicians and bureaucrats reside. Exhibit A is Chile, where they are going to start issuing ‘golden tickets’ to people who recovered from COVID-19. WHAT?!

We’ve talked about the movie theater business and how the current situation may see the beginning of the end of that industry. This week we see what industry actually stands to own the presenting motion picture future, NETFLIX! Streaming has been here for a few years now but the sky is no longer the limit. It’s interstellar!

Netflix and Chill
Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

Florida Man delivers again! Need we say more

Our featured independent artist this week.