Month: August 2017

The Dragon and the Wolf

It’s the final episode of GoT season 7. It’s been a whirlwind and it seems to not let up going into the last season with the Night King and his army past The Wall. The most intriguing part of this episode ws the King’s Landing meeting. The dialog was tense and Cersi kept up her old tricks. This time though, Jamie had enough and walked out on his twin sis.

Beyond the Wall

The tension between Sansa and Arya is getting dangerous. Hopefully one of them figures out that Littlefinger is manipulating them and convinces the other before something rash is done.
It also doesn’t seem like Jon will be back anytime soon to mediate. Maybe Bran will be able to diffuse the situation.


Gendry is back and ready to kick some ass! Its funny that Gendry mentions how Jon and him can strike up a similar partnership that Robert and Ned had except Ned is not Jon’s father. In fact Jon is the son of the man that Robert started a war over.
In any event, its good to see that Gendy eventually stopped rowing.