Month: June 2014

The Children

Season 4 Yearbook It’s the season 4 finale of a Game of Thrones! What was the best part scene this episode? Tyrion’s killing spree in the Tower of the Hand. what was the worst scene this episode? Dany and the dragons. Boring!! We’ll probably get flamed by Danerys fans now. Although we enjoyed this episode…

The Watchers on the Wall

Name Day B-Day Bash We believe that this is the first time that A Game of Thrones has taken an entire episode and devoted it to one event. Comments we’ve seen and read are mixed regarding that fact. Here at A Flood of Talk we think that the episode stayed true to the spirit of…

The Mountain and the Viper

Q&A With Anne Groell     Learn Dothraki     Got Science Wow, Sansa has stepped her game up in this episode! It’s still strange and uncomfortable to watch a guy in his mid forties, at least, being turned on by a 14 year old. But, hey this is Westeros we are talking about here….