Month: May 2014

The Laws of Gods and Men

How Much Content is Left Binge Watch This episode of A Game of Thrones sees Stannis get funding from the Iron Bank after Davos shows the Braavosi bankers that stannis cuts of fingers. This probably spells trouble for the Lannisters down the road. Yara heroically tries to save her brother but Theon is basically no…

First of His Name

Not A Blog Show Creators Avoid Internet Dwindling Content This week we get re-aquainted with what’s left of the Arryn family. Lysa and Robin are quite the crazy pair and sansa doesn’t seem to have arrived into a better situation than before. Also, WTF! The whole mess in the Seven Kingdoms is due to Littlefinger’s schemes and treachery,…


Night’s King Spoiler     10 Royal Recipes     The Most Difficult Episode Two pivotal reveals and some brotherly love permeate Oathkeeper, the fouth episode  of A Game of Thrones fouth season. So now we know that Peter Baelish and Olenna Tyrell were behind Joffery’s assassination. It would be interesting to find out excatly how they did it….