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Cersei is at her murderous best in the season finale. Unfortunately, the prophecy she received from the witch as a young girl is fast coming true. All of her kids are dead and a younger woman (Dany) will soon be taking her place on the Iron Throne. If Cersei remembers her fortune reading it’s bound to make her a very unhinged ruler looking to stamp out rivals with swift brutality.

Littlefinger creeps us out even more by revealing that he wants to rule Westeros with Sansa as his wife. Jon Snow, now confirmed to be the son of Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark, is propped up to be the King in the North. With all of the Women coming to power in the story now Jon is the anomaly. Hopefully he’ll fare better than his cousin Robb.

Speaking of ruling women, Dany, Yara, Olenna and Elaria are allied and probably headed straight to Kings Landing to bring down Cersei, and Arya takes out the entire leadership of House Frey. Girl power indeed.

There is more to discuss so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 10 The Winds of Winter.

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