Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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Game of ThronesNoble weddings in a game of thrones are downright dangerous affairs. This episode may be the episode that causes the ratings to fall a little, we’ll have to see. The big scene this episode is the rape of Sansa by Ramsey on their wedding night. The internet was an explosion of anger, and bewilderment as a result. Certainly conversations will continue to be had over where the writers are taking the show and its characters.

On that note, this episode was rough for a few other characters. Loras and Margery are going to trial for indecency and conspiracy, Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slavers, Jamie and Bronn are captured in Dorne attempting to get to Myrcella. As far as Kings Landing Goes we continue to believe that Cersi’s macinations will be her downfall. It’s clear she’s opened Pandora’s Box by allowing the fundamentalist faction of the religion of the Seven Kingdoms to be armed and allowed to enforce its dogma.

We discuss lots more of this brutal episode so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 5 episode 6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

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