The Spoils of War

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Game of Thrones

This season is moving fast, and the back and forth reversal of fortunes can spin the head. This episode sees the burgeoning fiscal collaboration between King’s Landing and the Iron Bank destroyed, Though Tycho and Cersi don’t know it yet. Dany may have finally gained the upper hand for good after her ambush of the Lannister and Tarly army. Also, it seemed that Tyrion lamented the fact that he had a hand in decimation of his family’s forces.

We were also treated to what may be called a beginning romance between Dany and Jon this episode. Jon sure was being quite tender with Daenerys as he led her thought the dragonglass mines. Davos noticed the situation but Jon could just be softening her up to eventually agree to help the North with no strings attached.

Bran Stark is no longer Bran Stark, Arya is no longer a precocious kid and Sansa is no longer a clueless noble. Ah, the Stark kids are growing up. Want to hear more? Listen to the podcast as we talk about season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War.

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