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So Jon Snow is apparently dead. Davos found him unresponsive with his eyes open and his blood coloring the snow around him. We know that Thoros raised Beric Dondarrion from the dead. Can Melisandre do the same for Jon? Speaking of Meli…Whoa! That choker must hold some powerful magic! In any event Jon’s buddies are not in a good situation right now.

Sansa and Brienne finally hook up after Brienne saves Sansa and Theon from a disastrous reunion with Ramsey. We’ve talked at length on the podcast about Sansa not having to always be saved by a male. Being saved by a another female feels a little better. The question now is where does Sansa want to go?

One of the more shocking developments this episode was the assassination of Doran Martel and his son Tristane. Now that Ellaria Sand and her daughters control Dorne, a war between Kings Landing and Dorne is all but certain, we think. But, can Cersi and Jamie deal with what will probably be a northern revolt and a marching Dorne?

The scenes in Kings Landing, Mereen and the Dothraki camp were less intriguing but necessary to set up for later episodes. We also got to check in on blind Arya. She’s paying the price for indulging in a little revenge last season. We still think Arya is going to turn out to be one very dangerous woman in the future.

We discuss all this and more! So listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 1 The Red Woman.

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