The Queen’s Justice

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So we’ve all been waiting for Dany and Jon to meet and it turns out to be a little frustrating seeing these two immensely popular characters basically size each other up. Dany starts out a little haughty to be so newly in Westeros and Jon is having none of it. Eventually, Dany softens up soemwhat and lets Jon mine dragon glass. We think that the news about Yara’s fleet being destroyed and both YAra and Ellaria either captured or dead made her not want to antagonize Jon just yet. In any event, here’s to more Jon and Dany interactions.

The real drama in this episode was in the Lannister feint at Casterly Rock and the subsequent cop of Highgarden. Even so, Olenna went out like a G! Someone on Facebook said she would not be surprised if Olenna had the antidote to the poison Jamie gave her, neither would we!

We discuss all this and more so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 7 episode 3 The Queen’s Justice.

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