The Door

8 Year Prophey
What did Bran just do?
Bootstrap Paradox!

Game of Thrones

The Children of the Forest created the White Walkers! Talk about creating a monster! I would love to see the backstory about how that blew up in their faces. One thing to note is that the White Walkers developed a painless way of making more of themselves. The Children’s method involved stabbing a living man through the heart with dragon glass.

This eposide checks in on a number of characters during transitional stages of the story. You can listen to our commentary of it on this weeks podcast. In any event, the most amazing scene takes place at the end where we learn that Bran is responsible for Wylis becoming Hodor. The scene was very emotional and if anything has the potential to damage the rest of the story. Time travel in fiction is a very delicate matter. Time travel creates paradoxes and can make following story threads difficult which can result in a mass exodus of audience members. The writers have to e careful now but I’m still onboard the see the story finale.

In the podcast, more dissection happens so listen as we talk about season 6 episode 5 The Door.

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