The Broken Man

Date Emilia Clarke
Ratings Powerhouse
The Arya Theories

Game of Thrones

Conflicts are starting to brew again with Jon and Sansa gearing up for a siege of Winterfell, Jamie taking command of a siege at Riverrun, and Arya seemingly extricating herself form the faceless training regimen. Unfortunately Jon finds himself in (literally) the same position as Stannis when he attempted a Winterfell siege with disastrous results. Hopefully Sansa’s secret letter gets them more help.

The High Sparrow, giddy with victory starts to flex his newfound authority by chiding Margaery for not getting pregnant. He follows that up with a not so veiled threat of violence of Olenna unless Margaery can convert her grandmother. We also get to see Olenna once again execute a flawless verbal take down of Cersi. Great stuff!

Finally Arya seems to be in serious trouble after running into the Waif, or maybe it’s all a dream…

Want to know more? Listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 7 The Broken man.

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