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The Red Woman

Ratings The Death Pool GoT Spin-offs Maisie Crashes a Party So Jon Snow is apparently dead. Davos found him unresponsive with his eyes open and his blood coloring the snow around him. We know that Thoros raised Beric Dondarrion from the dead. Can Melisandre do the same for Jon? Speaking of Meli…Whoa! That choker must…

Mother’s Mercy

Bittorrent records Is Jon Snow dead? We discuss this episode so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 5 episode 10 Mother’s Mercy. Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via RSS


Making the battle at Hardhome A Nasty Cloak The show is better than the books! Holy smokes the last half of this episode was worth the wait. Actually the beginning of the episode was pretty cool as well with Tyrion and Danaerys finally having a pow wow. Jorah should take tyrion out to a very…