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Gendry is back and ready to kick some ass! Its funny that Gendry mentions how Jon and him can strike up a similar partnership that Robert and Ned had except Ned is not Jon’s father. In fact Jon is the son of the man that Robert started a war over.
In any event, its good to see that Gendy eventually stopped rowing.

The Spoils of War

This season is moving fast, and the back and forth reversal of fortunes can spin the head. This episode sees the burgeoning fiscal collaboration between King’s Landing and the Iron Bank destroyed, Though Tycho and Cersi don’t know it yet. Dany may have finally gained the upper hand for good after her ambush of the Lannister and Tarly army. Also, it seemed that Tyrion lamented the fact that he had a hand in decimation of his family’s forces.

Blood of My Blood

GRRM at Balticon 8 Burning Questions Bran’s Vision Breakdown Game of thrones is a great show, but sometimes we are not high on an episode. This is to be expected of a show that has aired for six years. This episode was one of the down ones for us. On a positive note, the back…