Sons of the Harpy

Game of ThronesSo here is a question for you. What is the significance of the Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark story. Take some time to let that question develop possibilities in your noggin.

We now know that Tyrion is still headed to Danaerys so that should be a relief for him. He still hasn’t learned to temper his mouth though. One has to wonder what Jorah hopes to accomplish by bringing Tyrion to Dany. maybe he thinks this will mke up for his almost deadly betrayal. Probably not.

Meanwhile, Danaerys is dealing with requests to open the fighting pits and a full on assault by the Sons of the Harpy against her Unsllied and Secon Sons forces. barristan Selmy and Grey Worm fight valiantly in the streets but the they “get the point” many times that they are outnumbered.

it Looks like the comic relief this season may be the pairing of Jamie and Ser Bronn which is fine because Brianne and Pod has gone all serious on us. The combat scene on the shores of Dorne are chuckle worthy.

The other Lannister, Cersi is may be unwittingly sealing her downfall by allowing the militant wing of the Faith of the Seven to arm itself and punish sin in the realm. When Loras gets arrested by the this new power Margaery confronts her twelve year-old husband. What does she think he can really do?

in the North, jon gets asked, again to go to Winterfell, Sansa visits her dead aunt and Littlefinger gets summoned back to King’s Landing. All this and more as we discuss for this weeks podcast season 5 episode 5 Sons of the Harpy.

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