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Game of Thrones
If there was any episode that captured the narrative feel of the books it was this episode. what is that feeling? The feeling of unconnected story lines. With the ‘War of the Five Kings’ essentially over, there seems to be no unifying link to events in Westeros.

Sam is headed to Old Town to start Maester training.

Jon Snow quit the Night’s Watch.

Arya is becoming a nameless assassin.

Tyrion is trying to manage a chaotic Mereen.

Dany is trying to stave off retirement.

Ramsey is trying to firm up his hold on the North.

The Lannisters are dealing with an upstart religious hegemony in Kings Landing.

What is the link between all these disparate stories?

Maybe the worging journeys of Bran Stark has the clues. No doubt very important information awaits us regarding what was going on in the tower where young Ned’s sister was stashed away. In any event, we think that Bran’s time travelling will shed much light on the current happenings in our favorite fantasy world. By the way, who was the oathbreaker? Jon Snow died so he can’t be the one.

If you want to hear more of our musings, listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 3 Oathbreaker.

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