Kill the Boy

Pirating World record
Queen B gets a dragon egg
Game of ThronesIt should be duly noted that the Boltons are extreme assholes. We wondered sometimes why Roose didn’t rein in his son’s sadistic tendencies. That question has been answered, because Roose is a sociopath! Poor Sansa she has no idea that she’s gone out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You know who else is crazy? Danaerys Targaryan that’s who. There is no doubt that she is Aery’s child after her behavior in this episode. People in the Game of Thrones world need to make a note to themselves about not getting on Dany’s bad side, sheesh! With no Barristan Selmy around she could easily slide into the the dark side of the force.

On their way to Mereen, Jorah and Tyrion pass through the ruins of old Valeria and have to deal with a pack of greyscale infested Stonemen. Tyrion nearly drowns and Jorah gets a nasty surprise.

We also check in with Jon, Stannis and Brienne. Listen tot he podacst as we break sown a somewhat slow episode, season 5 episode 5 Kill the Boy.

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