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Jon Snow is back! And that’s not the only exciting development that happened this week on a Game of Thones. We opened with Bran on a journey to the past with the aid of the wierwood tree/three eyed raven/worg mentor. He was back home but many years in the past when his dad and uncle were kids. It seems clear that Bran’s abilities are going to be the vehicle to fill in the audience on a lot of back story that is essential to understanding why Westeros is in the mess that it is. But, Bran won’t be holed up for long and when him, Hodor and Meera get to travelling we may get to see some amazing stuff.

Tommen finally sees his mother and asks her to help him be a stronger king. Does that mean we’ll see a more ruthless Tommen? Especially, now that Jamie is on board with revenge. Last week we thought that Jamie would make mincemeat of the young sparrows that were prepared to defend the sept. After seeing the scene fully Jamie would’ve been killed…probably.

Looks like Arya and Sansa are going to be ok. Sansa is seems headed to the Wall and Arya is going back for further training at the House of Black and White. Here’s a prediction; Sansa, Bran and Jon will probably be meet up this season.

Finally, This just in! More death! Two dads, a mom and *gasp* a baby!
Join us as we cheer Jon Snow’s resurrection and talk about season 6 episode 2 Home.

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