High Sparrow

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Game of ThronesSo Margery gets to turn the tables on Cersi for a change. She spent most of her time in Kings Landing walking on eggshells around the Queen Regent and her son Joffery. Although Cersi seemed to acquiesce to the new order of things we expect that she’s not done trying to bury Margery. She also is in the process of making the High Sparrow, the leader of a fundamentalist sect of The Faith of the Seven, her ally.

Jon Snow shows that he’s not going to be a pushover as the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Janos Slynt openly defies an order given by the new Lord Commander and pays dearly, as only a coward should. Unfortunately for Jon has a bigger problem, what to do about the wildlings.

How is it that Little Finger has no knowledge of Ramsey Snow. Would that knowledge kept him from marrying Sansa to Ramsey? In any event, Sansa can’t seem to escape being caught up in horrible marriages. Thankfully, Brienne of Tarth is hot on her heels and may be able to effect a rescue if it comes to that.

Going back to Kings Landing for a moment…THE MOUNTAIN LIVES!

Finally, Tyrion goes against Varys’ advise and goes out in public. he finds, to his shock, that he is unable to go a-whoring and then procedes to get abducted by a stalker-like glowering Jorah Mormont. Where does the reader think Jorah will take Tyrion, to Cersi or to Dany? Hmmm. Check out the show for more GoT gab about season 5 episode 3 High Sparrow.

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