Making the battle at Hardhome
A Nasty Cloak
The show is better than the books!

Game of ThronesHoly smokes the last half of this episode was worth the wait. Actually the beginning of the episode was pretty cool as well with Tyrion and Danaerys finally having a pow wow. Jorah should take tyrion out to a very expensive dinner because Tyrion managed to keep Dany from having the former knight’s head. Additionally Dany smartly realizes that Tyrion will make a very valuable adviser. Lot’s of viewers have been waiting to see these two meet since we learned that that was were he was headed.

We also get an update on Cersi in jail which was great, although the possibility that Qyburn might be working on a way for her to still ultimately come out on top is not comforting. In any event, she’s dog meat for now.

We also make stops in Braavos to check on Arya’s story, and winterfell to see that yes, Stannis is still in a foolhardy process of laying seige to Winterfell. The Boltons appear to be not to worried about this prospect by the way.

The White Walkers have returned with a vengeance! The final segment of this episode was awesome and frightening at the same time. We know from an earlier season that not only do the Walkers have the ability to create an undead army form vanquised victims but they are also numerous themselves. How in the world will Westeros stand up to the White Walker onslaught. The massacre at Hardhome shows that without some sort of extraordinary intervention Westeros is doomed.

We discuss this great episode so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 5 episode 8 Hardhome.

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