No One

Theories Ended
Varys’ Mission
The Rumor

Game of Thrones

A number of theories died with this episode, but a few theories were also born. The most disappointing part of this episode was how Arya’s current storyline was wrapped up. A couple of wrinkles involving the facial expressions of Lady Crane and Jaqen Hagar leave many questions regarding what actually was going on.

Now that Dany is back in Mereen Drogon should make quick work of all that kindling floating at the shoreline. Dany did not look pleased with her leadership group. Could there be a shake up?

So much for the Blackfish! Riverrun is back in the hands of the Freys and Brienne is coming back to Sansa empty handed. Here’s hoping Sansa’s secret letter works or Her and Jon will get to compare notes with Stannis.

The Hound and the Brotherhood are reunited, but this time he may be joining up with this merry band. There’s more, so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 8 No One.

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