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Gendry is back and ready to kick some ass! Its funny that Gendry mentions how Jon and him can strike up a similar partnership that Robert and Ned had except Ned is not Jon’s father. In fact Jon is the son of the man that Robert started a war over.
In any event, its good to see that Gendy eventually stopped rowing.

More romance sparks flew between Jon and Dany. Also, we may eventually see Jon riding Drogon. After the big reveal this week it is confirmed that jon is a trueborn Targaryan
with a greater claim to the throne than daenerys. Will Dany get jealous? We shall see. One thing to remember in all of this is the actual circumstances of Jon being able
to be around in the first place. Maybe his actual death changes the equation.

Littlefinger is finally back in the swing of active manipulation. This time he is attempting to place a wedge between Aryua and Sansa. It’s apparent that Lord Baelish wants to be
able to influence Sansa with impunity and to eventually marry her and rule the seven kingdoms with her. Creepy. What will likely be the outcome of all this is Arya
dispatching Peter with the valerian steel dagger. There’s more so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 7 episode 5 Eastwatch.

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