Game of Thrones

We pick up where we left off last season with Arya laying waste to House Frey. She happens upon a group of Lannister soldiers but doesn’t kill them because… Ed Sheeran!
We think she may still kill that group just not on camera.

At Winterfell Sansa and Jon bicker about how to win a war against thier enemies. At Kings Landing Cersi and Jamie bicker about how to win a war against their enemies.
We see a pattern emerging. Plus, is that Cersi’s old hairdo that Sansa is rockin’?

The Hound experiences regret and get over his fear of fire temporarily.. sort of, and sees some things. But, what the hell is the the mission that the Brotherhood without Banners
is on?

Dany finally, FINALLY get to Westeros!

What else? Sam, Jorah and Bran do stuff! Well mostly Sam.

There’s more to discuss so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 7 episode 1 Dragonstone.

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