Dance of Dragons

More controversy

Game of ThronesWTF! Stannis sacrifices his daughter to gain some unknown advantage that will allow him to defeat the Boltons! Let’s say this, Stannis does not deserve to be king. He may be, in a certain legal sense, entitled to the throne by succession but he completely lacks the humanity to be a good king. Despite this sacrifice he’s probably going to lose anyway. Once again GoT sends shockwaves through the interwebs due to a shocking scene.

Jamie, Bronn, Tristayne and Myrcella are going back to Kings Landing. Won’t they all be shocked to see the developments that have taken place. Will Jamie try to do for Cersi what he did for Tyrion? Will there be an attempt to place Myrcella on the throne thereby making Tritayne King? Kings Landing is about to get real interesting.

Arya happens upon Ser Meryn Trant and finds out that he’s a pervert. It is beyond a doubt that she will attemp to kill him, but what will this mean for her training to become one of the faceless assassins? Maybe it’s all the same to the Many Faced God.

in the final segment of this episode a bunch of Sons fo the Harpy get to literally dance with a dragon. From an effects standpoint the scene was cool but it was kind of obvious that none of the primary characters were going to get dead here. With Drogon and Dany flying away under a serious coup attmpt does Dany still have control of the city or is she actually in exile? It’s hard to believe we are one episode away from the end of the season, there are a lot of open storylines so we’ll probably be left hanging many times over for answers that won’t be forthcoming for nine months! Oh well.

We discuss this episode so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 5 episode 9 The Dance of Dragons.

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