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Game of Thrones
Jon and Sansa reuniting was a great thing that the show did after season upon season of tragedy for the Stark family. Unfortunately the pleasantries didn’t last long because Sansa will not stand still and let Ramsey Bolton occupy Winterfel. Hopefully Jon and Sansa can rally some other northern houses to that cause.

Stay tuned for fireworks between Mel, Brie and Davos. They’ve got a death triangle that could spark more death between them. Our money is on Brienne making quick work of the other two

Littlefinger has managed to get Robin Arryn under effective control. One wonders what his game is. He back stabbed Ned, then later, helps Sansa escape King’s Landing. He gives her to the Bolton’s then convinces Lord Arryn to go send the armies of the Vale to her rescue. hmm?

All kinds of political machinations are happening at King’s Landing. Utlimately it seems that the Lannisters and the Tyrells are about to unleash a civil war on the capital of Westeros.

We say so long to Osha and hello…again…to Daenerys Targaryan. Apparently she is fire proof for real. We have much more to discuss for this episode so listen to the podcast as we talk about season 6 episode 4 Book of the Stranger.

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